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Student Benefits

We provide a customized student experience for your college or university through our award-winning student benefit platform. It has never been easier for students and their families to secure the insurance coverage they need!

  • Student Health
  • Student Assistance Programs
  • Student Dental
  • Student Vision
  • Tuition Reimbursement Insurance
  • Student Accident Plan
  • Visiting Scholars Plan
  • Travel Insurance

Our enrollment portal allows students to view detailed information on plan options, provider networks, and plan enhancements. Students select plans of their choice, enroll and pay for coverage electronically. It is that simple. Beginning with a student’s initial click to view their options, our dedicated student experience team provides a 360-degree student support process, answering benefit questions, facilitating payment, ensuring ID cards arrive on time and that claims are paid without issue. This is our commitment to our University partners. Call us for a demonstration!

Customized Reporting

We provide semi-annual reporting and summaries that outline plan performance for your review. Reporting includes key statistics and graphic illustrations on monthly activity, enrollment data, claims breakdown by coverage and category, member age distributions, provider payment distribution and much more.